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summary of features:
* GWD Text Editor is the premiere text editor for Windows.
* Unlimited file size.
* ANSI C compatible macro language.
* Projects for Borland C++, Java, Euphoria and MS-DOS Batcg programming.
* Java project AppletWizard, ApplicationWizard and BeanWizard generates Java source code.
* Plug-ins.
* Clip libraries (see screenshot).
* Code completion for C/C++, Java and JavaScript (32-bit version only).
* API Assistance for C/C++, Java and JavaScript (32-bit version only).
* Find and replace in multiple files.
* Customizable toolbar.
* Microsoft Visual SourceSafe integration (32-bit version only)
* OLE drag-drop (32-bit version only)
* FTP client gives you the ability to easily open and edit FTP files.
* 32-bit version suports long file names with spaces.
* Insert File, copies, pastes, deletes, etc. are not size limited.
* Can read and write files in UNIX and Macintosh/Amiga format, (automatic format detection).
* Backup copies can be maintained of existing files when saving.
* Autosave and crash recovery.
* Accepts files dropped from File Manager/Explorer or other drag-drop server.
* Can read text from Microsoft Word, Windows Write, WordPerfect, Ami Pro and WordStar documents.
* Can open C/C++ and Clipper #include files at the current cursor position.
* Windows MDI used to allow editing of almost unlimited number of files.
* DOS commands, such as compilers, can be run with the output captured in an edit window.
* Restore Workspace feature lets you restart exactly where you left off.
* Fully-remappable keyboard, including two-key operation.
* QEDIT, WordStar/Borland, Microsoft Word and Visual C++/BASIC keyboard emulation.
* Color syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java, HTML, BASIC, Pascal, Clipper, Fortran, MS-DOS BAT, Windows INI, UNIX TeX etc.
* Macros are recorded and editable.
* Multi-level undo and redo facility. The undo buffer can be optionally cleared when a file is saved.
* Spelling Checker (ignores LaTex and RTF keywords in documents with the TEX and RTF extensions).
* AutoCorrect.
* Automatic line indenting and removal of trailing spaces.
* Optional automatic text wrapping at configurable margin.
* Formating paragraphs (Left Align, Right Align, Center and Justify).
* The caret can be positioned freely in the document view.
* Cut and copied text can be appended to the clipboard, as well as replacing its contents.
* Configurable-width hard or soft tabs.
* Column block and stream selectiond modes.
* Line drawing.
* MS IntelliMouse support (32-bit version only).
* Search and replace, including support for regular expressions (you don't need to know complex regular expression syntax).
* C/C++ #if #else #endif preprocessor match.
* Up to 10 bookmarks.
* Keyword Help will search your HLP files for a word at current cursor position (you can also use Borland OpenHelp for searching WinHelp files).
* Sorting.
* GIF and BMP files viewer.
* Converting text from/to Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh and ISO8592-n character sets. Text conversion is configurable by the user.
* Expand tabs to spaces and Compress spaces to tabs commands.
* Many built-in fonts with different character sets.
* Up to 10 user-defined commands can be added to the Tools menu.
* Print previewing, and printing with customizable headers, footers and fonts.
* Highly configurable.

selected screenshots:
* Main Screen - shows the syntax highlighting. GWD Text Editor recognizes C/C++, BASIC, HTML, Java, MS-DOS BAT, Fortran, Pascal, Clipper... languages.
* ScriptWizard - helps you to create new GWD Text Editor ANSI C compatible macros.
* PluginWizard - helps you to create new GWD Text Editor plug-ins.
* Borland C++ Compiler Settings - Borland C++ compiler settings.
* Borland C++ Projects Wizard - generates Borland C++ projects.
* Java Projects AppletWizard - generates java projects.
* API Assistance - helps you to complete a call to a function.
* Spell Check - demonstrates the spell checking ability.
* Macro Dialogue - GWD Text Editor enables its users to edit macro at will.
* Key Mapping - with our premiere Text Editor, users can map the keys in any way they want.
* Auto Correct - corrects your typos automatically as you type; highly configurable.
* Tools Option - for convenience's sake, users can customize and launch any program directly from GWD Text Editor.
* Syntax Highlighting - another demonstration of GWD's powerful and flexible syntax recognition.
* Statistics Plug-in - analyze your activity (you must install Statistics plug-in).
* Find In Files - searches for a string in multiple files.

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